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Tennessee Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance in Tennessee

Those who own a condo in Tennessee should invest in a condo insurance policy to protect their possessions and the investments they make in their home. At Anthony Lancaster Insurance, Inc., we offer condo insurance to residents of the Memphis, TN area.

There are a few unique aspects of condo insurance that condo owners need to be aware of. Condo owners don't own the actual building but instead own an individual unit. This means that condo insurance generally provides coverage for the interior of a unit as well as the owner's possessions.

If you own a condo, the building itself that you live in is probably covered under a master policy or a homeowner's association (HOA) policy. However, this policy will not provide coverage for your individual unit. You should probably invest in added condo coverage to protect your investment and belongings from potential hazards.

The following are three possible scenarios where you would need condo insurance.

The interior of your unit becomes damaged.

If your condo building is damaged in a natural disaster, your building's master policy will cover damage to the overall structure. However, you need an independent condo insurance policy to cover any damage to your interiors, appliances, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, or belongings.

An injury occurs within your unit.

One of the most important things condo insurance covers you for is personal liability. If an injury occurs in your condo, you could be held liable for it. Fortunately, a condo insurance policy will cover you for any resulting medical bills or other expenses.

Your unit is burglarized.

The master plan for your condo building will not cover you for losses you experience as the result of a burglary. Condo insurance will compensate you for the value of items stolen from within your unit.

Get in touch with us at Anthony Lancaster Insurance, Inc. to learn more about our Tennessee condo insurance policies. We're here to answer your questions if you're a condo owner in Memphis, TN who is looking for help with finding condo insurance.

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