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Home Insurance in Tennessee

What type of home coverage do you need? We can help you make that decision here at Anthony Lancaster Insurance, Inc in Memphis, TN. We understand the importance of home insurance and it is our main duty to help you get the necessary protection you deserve. Home insurance is critical to have since it can protect your home against damages and much more. You decide on the policy you feel is best for you and let us take care of the rest.

Home Insurance Laws in Tennessee

There are no laws in Tennessee that legally require homeowners to purchase insurance. However, there are a variety of mortgage companies that may require it when you agree to their finance terms. The only way to obtain the necessary replacements from damage done to your home is by purchasing a home insurance policy.

Home Insurance Coverage Options

What type of coverage are you looking for? There are a variety of different options you have when it comes to protecting your home such as:

  • Dwelling coverage- This option is helpful for protecting the entire structure of your home including both the walls and roof.
  • Personal property- This policy is perfect for keeping your belongings in the home protected such as furniture regardless if they get stolen or damaged.
  • Liability coverage- This policy is great for protecting you in the event you are sued as a result of someone else being injured while on your property. It is also helpful if you were to damage someone else’s property.
  • Other structures- This policy will keep the entire structure of your home protected such as the garage.
  • Guest medical- This policy will pay for medical costs if someone were to get injured while on your property.

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If you need a home insurance quote, visit our Anthony Lancaster Insurance, Inc website today. Our office is in Memphis, TN.

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