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Tennessee Motor Home insurance coverage

Motor Home Insurance in Tennessee

Taking on the open highway and vacationing with your motorhome is a favorite past time in Memphis, TN. As visitors come into the city, residents head out in their motorhomes to embrace the natural beauty that Tennessee has to offer. Before you and your loved ones take off in your Motorhome, make sure you have motorhome coverage through Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc.

Comprehensive Coverage

While traveling in your motorhome, you will stop and stay in campgrounds and areas designated for motorhome lodging. While your motorhome is in a dwelling state, the standard auto insurance you may carry on it could limit its protection from theft and damages while parked. With motorhome insurance, you have protection around the clock, whether you are driving your motorhome or using it as lodging.

Collision Coverage

Unfortunately, large motorhomes are still at risk for collision accidents on the highway and even in private areas such as campgrounds or parks. Should your motorhome be involved in a collision, you will have the protection you need for damages should the responsible party not be insured. Your auto insurance policy may not be enough to protect you in a collision in the campground area, where your motorhome insurance provides that necessary protection.

Liability Coverage

While your motorhome is parked in the campground, you may enjoy guests over to your site. In the event that one of them is hurt on or in your motorhome, you could be held liable for any property damage or bodily injury. With your motorhome insurance policy, there is liability coverage that provides you with the financial protection you need to cover these costs that you are responsible for and allow you to continue on with your vacation.

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At Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc, our agents want to give you the protection you need when you roll out of Memphis, TN and take on the open road. Give us a call today for your personal quote.

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