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Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In Tennessee, residents aged 16 years and above can operate a motorcycle. It’s crucial to get motorcycle insurance before hitting the road. The right insurance will protect you and other road users. 

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Here are some motorcycle insurance requirements that you should know. 

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance 

If you’re the at-fault party in a car accident, you’ll be liable for the other person’s injury. The state requires you to have bodily injury liability insurance to cover their medical expenses and any lost income resulting from the injuries. 

Property Damage Liability

Property damage insurance is a requirement for motorcycle insurance in Tennessee. It covers the financial liability when one gets into an accident leading to someone’s else property damage. Some things covered under this insurance include:

  • Repairs for the other party’s vehicle 
  • Fixing destruction caused on other businesses, fences, houses, and mailboxes, among other damaged property
  • Legal fees
  • Recurring expenses from the damage

Multiple Fatality Coverage 

The coverage limits for multiple fatalities are often double the coverage for one person. It would help to seek clarity from your insurer to know more about single liability coverage and multiple liabilities. 

Motorcycle insurance has several coverage options to protect you and other road users. While bodily injury and property damage are a priority, consider comprehensive coverage to address your motorcycle’s damage resulting from vandalism or theft. 

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