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Oh, Deer!

What North American animal causes the most deaths per year? It’s not the grizzly bear. It’s not the great white shark. It’s the deer! Gentle as these herbivores appear, Bambi causes an average of 200 fatalities per year from vehicular collisions. With fall coming, the chances of hitting a deer are going to start rising. Fortunately, deer can’t sue for damages. Unfortunately, you can’t sue them for damages either. So what can you do? 

What To Do If You Hit a Deer

If it is at all possible, move your car off the road and put on the emergency flashers. Call 911 and tell them where you are and what happened. Take photos and videos of the accident scene. Don’t touch the deer. It may only be stunned or injured and may lash out in fear. Those hooves and antlers can hurt! Game wardens and other authorities will take responsibility for it. Pretty sure it’s dead, and you’ve got a taste for venison? Only if you’ve got a permit. Check your car to be sure that it’s safe to drive before you go. The police might be able to help you out here. Send the documentation to your insurance agent as quickly as possible. If your vehicle needs repairs, get it done in a body shop approved of by your insurance. 

How Not to Hit a Deer

This can be tricky. Deer move quickly and freeze if startled. They are crepuscular creatures and so will be out when visibility is already low. And they don’t wear reflectors! Though it may seem counterintuitive, do not swerve if you see a deer. This can make you lose control of the vehicle. Do try to slow down, though.

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