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Four things you shouldn’t assume about motorcycle insurance

Purchasing motorcycle insurance is essential if you are a biker in Memphis, TN. Let us meet your motorcycle insurance needs at Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc.

Don’t allow yourself to make inaccurate assumptions about motorcycle insurance. It’s important that you’re informed when you’re choosing a motorcycle insurance policy.

The following are four things you shouldn’t assume about motorcycle insurance:

Comprehensive and collision motorcycle insurance coverage are the same. 

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is a type of coverage that covers the costs of damage from issues like theft or vandalism. On the other hand, collision coverage covers you for damage to your bike that results from a vehicle accident. 

Your auto insurance policy will cover you when you’re on your motorcycle.

Any auto insurance policy you have is separate from your motorcycle insurance policy. You need to buy motorcycle insurance coverage even if you already have auto insurance. 

You have enough motorcycle insurance if you just purchase minimum coverage.

While purchasing minimum coverage might mean you’re meeting basic legal requirements, it doesn’t mean that you have as much coverage as you should. Going beyond the minimum requirements will make you more protected financially. 

Your driving history behind the wheel of a standard vehicle won’t impact your motorcycle insurance coverage.

Your driving history as both a biker and a car driver are linked. If you have a driving infraction on your record from when you were driving your car, this could push up your motorcycle insurance expenses. 

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