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How to Enforce Safe Driving for Your Teen

There are few things more worrisome for a parent than when your teenager finally gets behind the wheel. Here at Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc, we want to help parents in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas, prepare their teens for safe driving.

Here are some ways to enforce safe driving for your teen:

Clear Rules 

Driving is new for your teen. You can never assume that they already know anything. It is your job as the parent to very clearly outline the rules for safe driving. If you assume they already know something, and you are wrong, it could mean disaster. Not only should you clearly define the rules, but you must also frequently review the rules as well. 

Clear Consequences 

Driving is one area you cannot afford to be lenient on. When it comes to road safety, there is too much at stake for the consequences to be unclear or inconsistent. It is the nature of most teens to push boundaries and try the rules to see if there really will be a consequence for their actions.

When your teen does this with driving rules, it is your obligation as the parent to be ready for a consequence. Your teen needs to know what the consequences will be beforehand and they need to see that those consequences are followed through every single time a rule is broken. 

Clear Guidance 

The best way to ensure that your teen is safe behind the wheel is to provide them with the right amount of guidance at the right time. Every teen is different, and it is up to you as the parent to discern how much guidance your child needs to be safe. 

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