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How to Enforce Safe Driving for Your Teen

There are few things more worrisome for a parent than when your teenager finally gets behind the wheel. Here at Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc, we want to help parents in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas, prepare their teens for safe driving.

Here are some ways to enforce safe driving for your teen:

Clear Rules 

Driving is new for your teen. You can never assume that they already know anything. It is your job as the parent to very clearly outline the rules for safe driving. If you assume they already know something, and you are wrong, it could mean disaster. Not only should you clearly define the rules, but you must also frequently review the rules as well. 

Clear Consequences 

Driving is one area you cannot afford to be lenient on. When it comes to road safety, there is too much at stake for the consequences to be unclear or inconsistent. It is the nature of most teens to push boundaries and try the rules to see if there really will be a consequence for their actions.

When your teen does this with driving rules, it is your obligation as the parent to be ready for a consequence. Your teen needs to know what the consequences will be beforehand and they need to see that those consequences are followed through every single time a rule is broken. 

Clear Guidance 

The best way to ensure that your teen is safe behind the wheel is to provide them with the right amount of guidance at the right time. Every teen is different, and it is up to you as the parent to discern how much guidance your child needs to be safe. 

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When do I need to add my teen driver to my policy – when she gets her permit or when she gets her license?

You’ve done it – your child is old enough to start learning to drive! Maybe they’re excited, maybe they’re nervous, but one thing is for sure – you’re probably wondering when you need to add them to your car insurance policy. Do you add them when they get their permit or when they officially get their license?

Here are some thoughts from Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc:

Adding Your Teen Driver To Your Policy: Permit vs. License

In Memphis, TN, you are not required by law to have your teen driver added to your policy until they actually get their license – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them as soon as they get their permit! By adding them to your policy early, you can build up their driving record and start receiving the Good Student Discount if they have a "B" average or above in school.

Some companies will automatically add your teen driver to your policy once they receive their permit, so it’s always a good idea to check with your provider about their specific policies. And of course, if you have any questions about car insurance in general or want help finding the best deal for your family, our team is always happy to chat!

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In Memphis, TN, you aren’t legally required to add your teen driver until they receive their license, but you may want to add them once they receive their permit. The best way to figure out what’s right for you and your family is to contact Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc. We’ll help you sort it all out!

What Are Common Myths About Auto Insurance?

When it comes to auto insurance, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. It is easy to separate auto insurance fact from fiction with a little bit of research. Here are common myths about auto insurance that research has disproved.

Myth #1: It’s better to let my insurance lapse and restart than go on a new plan

False: It is essential to realize that if an auto insurance plan no longer covers your car, you are at risk for liability exposure in an accident. Auto insurance provides liability coverage which protects you from lawsuits that might be filed against you if you are at fault in an accident.

To ensure that your car is covered under the new plan, contact your agent before canceling your current policy to ensure it is canceled for non-payment and not because of other factors.

Myth #2: Liability is all I need for auto insurance

False: It was once thought that liability coverage provided enough coverage to protect you from unexpected accidents. However, this myth has been dispelled by the research, which shows that comprehensive and collision policies add significant protection in the event of an accident.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle that isn’t caused by an accident, including vandalism, flooding, hail damage, fire, and theft.

Collision insurance covers damage your car sustains in a crash with another object or when you hit the median.

Myth #3: Insurance is the same all across state lines

False: Many people assume that insurance laws are universal, but in reality, each state is different in regulating insurance. Some states have more stringent laws regarding minimum coverage requirements, while others have requirements and restrictions based on driver age and experience.

Myth #4: I don’t drive much, so I don’t need insurance

False: There are many ways in which auto insurance can help you. It doesn’t always have to be a direct result of an accident. For example, if your car is stolen or vandalized and you have comprehensive coverage, you will get the money back to fix it.

It is important to know the facts when it comes to auto insurance. Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc. in Memphis, TN is available to help you find the right policy. Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc. in Memphis, TN is ready to answer any questions about your policy. Please call us today to learn more!

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policies: Your Options

Comprehensive auto insurance options help to keep your vehicle protected and secure from many problems. At Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc, we can set up Memphis, TN residents with the high-quality coverage options that make sense for your needs and your vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about this type of insurance.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance policies are set up to cover things that other insurance options do not. They work to give you a total level of coverage and should be available from most providers. 

Finding the best comprehensive option for your needs usually requires you to work with a vendor who understands what you need and how to provide it in a way that makes sense for you.

Coverage Options for Comprehensive Insurance 

There are many coverage choices when picking high-quality, comprehensive insurance options. The name “comprehensive” isn’t just a misnomer: it should help to cover just about anything that may happen to your vehicle, including:

  • Serious vandalism from others 
  • Fires and lightning damage 
  • Riots and explosion problems 
  • Thefts in your driveway or elsewhere 
  • Windshield and glass damage 
  • Tree limbs and other falling objects 
  • Rocks or other items kicked off cars 
  • Hitting animals 
  • Various types of storm damage 
  • Earthquakes 

The total range of coverage for your vehicle will vary based on the type of policy that you purchase. Talk to your insurance agent about the different options and additional coverage choices that you can add to your vehicle to get the best results for your needs. 

Protecting Your Vehicle

If you’re concerned about your car or truck in Memphis, TN, and want to avoid serious ramifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc to learn more. Our team will set up a comprehensive policy option that works for your needs.

When Should I Pay For Repairs Out Of Pocket?

It’s good to have Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc. on your side when you are involved in an accident in Memphis, TN, and you need a little help covering the damages. But, there are plenty of times when there’s no real need to call the insurance agency and cover the damages out of pocket.

The most obvious instance, of course, is when the damages do not exceed the deductible. For instance, you might be able to replace a rear-view mirror for twenty bucks. Twenty bucks is cheap enough that it’s barely even worth the time it would take you to file the paperwork, let alone the cost of your deductible.

Even when your damages exceed your deductible, they might not exceed your deductible by enough to be worth filing a claim. If you would only be saving a few dollars by calling your insurer, you’d probably prefer not to have that mark on your record or have your rates bumped.

With all of this being said, if another driver is involved and insists on going through your insurance companies, then there’s not much you can do. But when it’s up to you, you’re under no obligation to call your insurance company about every dent and scratch.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking to get coverage for your car in Memphis, TN, get in touch with Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc and see about getting a good deal on a great auto insurance policy. We hope we never need to call our insurance company and make a claim, but it’s good to know they’re there if we do.

How much auto insurance do you need in Tennessee?

Your auto insurance card serves as more than something you show a police officer when you are pulled over for a traffic violation. Your indemnity card represents the financial backing you receive from your insurance provider when you have an accident for which you are determined to be at-fault. The agents at Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc. can help you determine if the amount of coverage you have on your car or truck is enough to shield you from a lawsuit in Memphis, TN. 

How much auto insurance is required in Tennessee?

State law requires every driver to show proof of indemnity coverage that pays at least $25,000 per person ($50,000 per incident) for bodily injury. You need to have at least $15,000 in coverage for property damage. 

Many drivers in Memphis, TN can easily show proof that satisfies the state’s auto insurance requirements. Such coverage, however, may not be enough to keep you from a lawsuit. 

What happens when the policy is not enough?

Auto insurance only pays up to the policy’s limit regardless of whether such amounts cover all damages. The at-fault driver is still responsible for an accident’s financial weight, even if his or her policy does not provide a payment that covers everything. 

You may find yourself having to pay for damages, including lawyer and court fees if you are sued for the remaining balance that your auto insurance policy does not cover after an accident. Tort cases are not only expensive but also time-consuming as they have the ability to drag on for months or even years. 

How much insurance do you need?

The benefits of having enough insurance to cover an at-fault accident are endless. Not only do you escape the financial burden of out-of-pocket expenses, but you can also handle the matter in a more timely fashion when you are fully covered. 

Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc. understands the importance of having the right auto insurance plan in Memphis, TN. Such is the reason why our agents thoroughly explain the details of a policy to ensure drivers have the coverage they need. Call us today if you have questions about your current auto insurance plan or if you need a quote for new coverage.

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