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5 Common motorcycle insurance claims in Memphis, TN

Hitting the open road on a motorcycle brings endless freedom. But it can also bring risk.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Prevention is the best way to keep yourself safe on the roadways.

In addition to providing insurance coverage, Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc helps you avoid any accidents by identifying five of the most common motorcycle insurance claims.

Excessive speed

Motorcycles reach high speeds quickly. As a result, reckless driving is a leading cause of motorcycle-related fatalities. Don’t leave home without wearing a helmet and other safety gear. Also, minimize unnecessary risk by obeying all posted speed limits.

Debris on road

Excessive speed can also make avoiding obstacles difficult. Unexpected debris that has fallen can lead to serious damage, if unnoticed. Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc reminds you to stay alert and vigilant.

Distracted Driving

Driving is more dangerous when you are distracted by radios, cell phones, and other electronics. This applies to everyone, not just motorcycle riders. Car drivers must be engaged to spot approaching motorcycles. This is the cause of many insurance claims.

Poor Weather Conditions

As diligent as you may be, you can’t control everything. Fog, heavy rain and high winds will greatly reduce visibility. During inclement weather, even the smallest error or distraction can be costly.

Improper Lane Switching 

The single most common insurance claim is accidents at intersections. More specifically, improper left-hand turns are the leading culprit. Lane splitting is an issue too. This occurs when a motorcycle rider attempts to drive between two lanes to avoid traffic.

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Any accident can be fatal, but motorcycle crashes are especially dangerous. Because of this, motorcycle insurance is important. Located in Memphis, TN, Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc can ensure you and your assets are protected. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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