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FAQs About Boat Insurance

If you own a boat or watercraft, it’s important to understand boat insurance. At Anthony Lancaster Insurance Inc., in Memphis, TN, we offer boat insurance. 

What Does Liability Boat Insurance Cover? 

Boat insurance typically covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Bodily injury liability will cover others injured in an accident that is your fault. Property damage liability covers damage to other boats and property due to an accident that is your fault. 

What Does Property Protection Cover?

Property protection will cover your boat. If it’s damaged, this policy will cover the costs of repair or replacement. 

What is Towing and Assistance Coverage? 

Towing and assistance coverage will reimburse you if your boat needs to be towed or you need assistance. If your boat stops on the water, this policy covers towing the boat to a repair facility. It also covers battery jumpstarts and being brought gas. 

Do I Need Coverage if I Have an Inexpensive Boat? 

If you have an inexpensive boat, you may not need property protection. However, liability boat coverage is still important because it covers damage to others’ property and injuries.

Is My Boat Covered Under My Homeowner’s Policy?  

Your homeowner’s policy may provide limited coverage for your boat when it’s on your property. When you are on the water or traveling to a body of water, most homeowner’s policies don’t protect your boat. 

Who is Covered Under My Boat Insurance Policy? 

Your policy will cover anyone who is listed on the policy. It may also cover extended family, marina personnel, and other operators who use your bot occasionally. 

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